In my search for Vincent I found YOU

Artist Jolande van Lith has worked on a contemporary art & writing project
about ''Vincent's audience''. Fascinated by his work and life, she started to investigate who these enthusiasts are now a days.
Van Gogh acquaintances and unknown Dutch people were questioned and the result
has used Jolande for a deepening in her own work and an exhibition based on the works.
In addition to home visits, the interviews took place at leading locations such as Museum Bommel van Dam,
Noordbrabants Museum,Van GoghHuis, Vincentre, Pulchri Den Haag and Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. 

Van Lith worked  for several months as an Artist in Residence at the Van GoghHouse Zundert.
She traveled around all the places where he has lived and worked.
Personaly she was interested in his time in The Hague and invested a lot of time in organizing meetings
to satisfy her own curosity about this town and his inhabitants .
It became a great inspiration for her and it changed her way of working.
Important part of the proces was the interactiv connection with people,
based on their stories, she started to make work. She started with portraits, painting and expanded it
into international installations. With video work, audio performances and exciting work.
Each work with its own identity, but brought together in the installation touching a different story and layer.

In addition to the exhibitions performance evenings were organized with famous stars like Connie Palmen and Bruni Heinke.
A digital database, a research report and an international award-winning exhibition have emerged from this.
 She wrote two poembooks about this adventure:
Twee blikken gele verf & eigen zinnen and Wat woorden voor Vincent van Gogh.
Both nominated for the Zachte G Language Award.
The project is on the longlist for the Brabant Heritage Prize and has already
won several international awards.