'' Van Lith’s raw and uncensored passion haunts her work; its intensity casting a mysterious
powerful shadow that is uniquely hers.
 is an internationally eminent award-winning artist,
and you can find her work in collections all over the world. 
Her installations are given unique shape per location and depending 
on current social events
that matter to the artist. The installations she makes show how she thinks about her art objects,
they all have a seperate identity but brought
together they work on a different and strong level.''


Jolande van Lith (1966 's-Hertogenbosch) was born a poet and has always been an artist.
As a young girl she had a vivid imagination, loved drawing and already wrote her first poetry.
She became a model but decided to be more than a pretty face. So she studied documentary photography and creative design.
Only 19 years young she became established as an independent photographer. Her work already portraying her interest in the experience surrounding decay, death and religion.
This resulted in successful exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad.

End of the 90s she withdrew from photography and started a study in psychology. (Nowadays she
is specialised in Personality Disorder & Mentalization Based Treatment.)  During that time she also began the search for other art forms. New form of expressions; like abstracts in acrylic on linnen.
After that discovery Jolande started building her art up in layers using various disciplines and techniques. 

“ My art is about the dialogue and inner struggle of the human mind. About those who are on the sidelines of society. 
I practice an autodidact freedom in the use of materials, remaining uninhibited and unlimited in my technique.
My work offers the possibility to portray depth and structure.
Through the use and combination of unusual materials surprising opportunities arise.
I challenge myself every day. 
Authenticity in simplicity is the guarantee of my work method.
My fascination surrounding deterioration is what I try to communicate
in all my art forms. Emotions such as pain and sadness are palpable in
the absence of figurative representations.
Important part of the proces is the research and interaction with the audience..''


         Her creativity started at a very early age and hasn't stopped since.

Jolande drawing, age 5, private collection.