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Jolande's Life-cloth's ( Levensdoek) On show feb 14-18, 2024 los angeles


interview in dutch weekmagazine prive

Two page interview about Jolande en Barbara in the famous dutch magazine weekblad Privé


Jolande and Barbara in a sequel: TV SHOW  ''Ik Vertrek''

Kees, Monique, Jolande & Barbara  at Manoir Les Tilleurs France

In ''Ik Vertrek Even Weg'', former participants look for inspiration from each other.
hat can they learn from each other and what insights do they take away from this trip?
Artist and writer Jolande van Lith and her partner Barbara de Roo were previously seen in ''Ik Vertrek''.  It showed
how the sympathetic couple single-handedly converted an old Manoir into a cultural hotspot in the Loire.

Despite all the setbacks such as mold, a leaky roof and the absence of professionals,
the couple remained positive and the viewers appreciated that.
They became a trending topic and were guests of Beau to tell about the adventure.

Jolande and Barbara are not only a loving couple but also a successful artist duo;
their lives revolve around art. They work internationally and on the basis of social involvement;
in recent years, they have been involved in creative projects with homeless people and refugees.
In France, they welcome Kees and Monique from Dogglywood
to their Chambre d'Art and try to enthuse them about art. But is this for the down-to-earth dog lovers?


Kees and Monique love dogs and the company they started in Thuringia, Germany,
has everything to do with the four-legged friends; They set up a holiday park for dog lovers and that turned 
to be a gap in the market. They are even thinking about slowing down.

Jolande and Barbara's return visit to Germany is quite an experience, especially for their little Chihuahua Novaz.
How is he going to hold his own among big dogs?
Although both couples seem completely different at first glance, chasing your dreams creates
a bond and something beautiful soon arises...

On show: 28  decembre 2023 NPO1 22.10 hr.


SHOWTIME @ Letterbekken GALA

Jolande is one of the guests of Het Tweede Gala van de Bossche Poëzie!

#MUTTI wo bist du? @ Armory show New York 8-10 sep.

Jolande at the International Literature Festival

On 24 September  the Festival kicks off with 1000 poets during the Utrecht Book Market on Vredenburgplein.
With the official swearing-in of the new Poet of the Fatherland: Babs Gons, her first poem will be the official start of two
weeks of incessant recitation fun that everyone can come and listen to.
This is follwed by a two-week tour of bookshops in all provinces in the country and the caravan returns to
Utrecht on 7 October for the thousandth poet and in the evening of course the 40th Night of Poetry.
Jolande will participate at the ILFU Eindhoven.

Interview Veronica Superguide about the Dutch TV show ''Ik Vertrek''


Jolande & Barbara at the AVROTROS boat for Gay Pride Amsterdam

On 5 August, NPO1 TV will report live on the boat parade in the afternoon and a compilation broadcast
will be shown on NPO3 in the evening. This year's presentation is in the hands of Splinter Chabot,
along with colleagues Charisa Chotoe and Shay Kreuger.
Jolande van Lith and Barbara de Roo, known for their French adventure from ''Ik Vertrek'' also sail along.
The artist duo and love couple have been a happy couple for 12 years and an important theme in their projects is
inclusion and connection.

" We feel free to radiate our love and wish this to everyone.
As two women, we have made our dream come true, a cultural HOTSPOT in France.
In our art & music projects, diversity and individuality are always central.
Every person is equal and happiness can be shared. Visibility of different role models in the community is especially
important right now. The emphasis is often on men in the media and female couples are still insufficiently represented.
That's why we are happy to sail with the AVROTROS boat. ''

Dutch Interview about ' Jolande & barbara in vrouw magazine

Dutch Interview about ''Manoir Les Tilleurs'' in Miljuschka magazine

 RTL4 talkshow Beau

Jolande and Barbara were table guests at the popular TV talkshow BEAU.
They talked about their experiences and success with ''Ik vertrek''; a ratings TV hit with over 1.4 million viewers!

Jolande & Barbara in the popular TV show: IK VERTREK

Jolande van Lith and Barbara de Roo are not only a loving couple, but also an artistduo with
a predilection for installation art. They already have a lot of success to their name. In the French hamlet of Mansigne,
the couple has bought a Pippi Langkous house, which they want to turn into a chambre d’Arte;
a mecca for creatives.

After an emotional goodbye, Jolande and Barbara start steaming down all the 70s wallpaper in the old doctor’s house
in good spirits. But soon doubts arise about the whole project. Everything is wrong with the house,
the French workmen don’t show up and painting walls and doors all day long is actually not that much fun.

And they had quite a good life in Alphen in Gelderland, with nice people around them and challenging work.
The ladies persevered, because a new life in France, that was what they wanted, wasn’t it?

Manoir Les Tilleurs; a new culturel hotspot in France!

Jolande van Lith and Barbara de Roo fell in love with the beautiful Manoir les Tilleurs in France.
The Manoir has 9 rooms, is privately surrounded by walls and has
a lush garden of 2500 m2 with old (fruit) trees, attractive flower beds and studio.
They bought the property in 2021 to start a special creative adventure..
In addition to their private rooms and workingspace, they have realized a Artist & Writer in Residence.
Twice a year they invite selected artists to live and work at the
Manoir Les Tilleurs. At the end of a working period, an exhibition or publication follows.

Nominee Zachte G language Award 2022

For her contribution promoting Brabant, the region where she is born,
 Jolande is nominated for the Zachte G award 2022 by Erfgoed Brabant.
 The price is for people who are leading in the language of Brabant.
 With her project ''Waarom ik tranen druip'' Jolande proofs again that she is a proud ambassador of Brabant and know her
way with words..

NEW YORK ART award for ''MUTTI wo bist du? ''

For the preview of her crossover project ''MUTTI wo bist du?''

  Jolande won the New York ART award 2020.

The exhibition is sep. 2021 at the White Space Gallery New York.

A new TV adventure for Jolande!

Jolande van Lith, Martijn van Roon and Barbara de Roo will be hosting
a culinary item in the TV show ''Quality Time on Sunday'' by SBS6.
They present items that addresses topics such as
BUDGET cooking and HAPPY prepared food.

'' For me cooking also means connecting, you learn about
differences in taste, other cultures and the way food is prepared.
It's about fun, convenience, creativity and passion in the kitchen.
And often someone also has a impact story to tell about a dish..
And that is the kind of interaction I am searching for with our viewers.''

   It's all about healthy tasty food and the power of connecting cultures.

 #HappyPreparedFood   #bamixMSTR  #bamixNederland  #Dontwastefood

 Sundays on SBS6.

Jolande van Lith in TV reality show ''Steenrijk Straatarm'' SBS6!

Jolande and her partner Barbara changed for this reality show their house
 life and budget with the family Leiendecker. In this social experiment
 the important question is..does money buy happiness?
The reactions were overwhelming!
Both families were very loved and praised for their warmth and sympathy,  
the success show with more then 1,5 million viewers even became trending topic on Twitter.

On June 17th you can rewatch the show at SBS6, duration 45 minutes.

TWO NominationS for the Brabantse hERITAGE Prize

Jolande's projects: ''Het publiek van Vincent'' & ''#Relithkwie''
are both (!) on the long list of Brabants Ergoed. The Brabant Heritage Prize is
a biennial award that focuses on stimulating innovation and development
in the regional heritage sector. The winner will be announced 7th november 2019.

Jolande is a guest at the TV show ''Ali's Mensentuin'' SBS6

July 1th Jolande and her partner Barbara de Roo are guests at the popular Dutch TV show
Ali's Mensentuin on SBS6. Artist/rapper Ali B presents this program about a social experiment
 where groups that apparently do not share anything at all with each other are confronted
with prejudices. Are they really that different?