''Cardboard, pieces of newspaper, wool, rope, oil, photos, drawings,
van Lith did several years of research and obtained materials of the homeless.
She immersed herself in their world and connected her own grief, the loss of her mother, to it.
The installations van Lith makes show how she thinks about her art objects, they all have a seperate identity but
brought together they work on a different and strong level.
Her life size ''life-cloths'' are very impressive.
That the connection has succeeded is evident from the understanding
and mutual respect between the artist and the homeless.
It is unimaginably clever how pure the matter has been used
and the pitfall for easy sentiment has been combated. With her language
skills and associated audio performance you step into the minds of people from different
cultures, with compulsive thoughts and especially keeping self-reliance proud.
The audio installation works almost religiously and transcendingly.
You feel the powerlessness, see the meagre sleep and still feel a true security.
A mother's heart that is dying a last tear dripping because she leaves her family
 turns red. Thanks to her new literary tour de force ''Why I drip tears''
( Waarom ik tranen druip ) we can understand that.
This exhibition demands something from the viewer and is absolutely one that you must have seen.''
(MUTTI wo bist du?)