j o l a n d e  v a n  l i t h

The rape of the inner child is a curse for life


'' On one of my holidays overseas I heard a story about a

little girl who had been abused and locked away

because she stole a leaf of bread. Her father hid her

in a shed on one of the fields on which he worked.

The shed was for the workers and inside there was

only a table, chair, mirror and toilet.


The little girl was eventually found emaciated

and in a state of hallucination.

She passed away one day later, leaving nothing more

than her little slippers under the table.


I went to visit the shed of only 1 by 2 meters.

The fear and abandonment were tangible, oppressive

but strangely enough, also serene.

Everything was completely intact, just as it had been left.

Even the little slippers, half disintegrated.


Later I discoverd in my research that the offender

had experienced the same treatment in his own youth.

He was punished by his father at a young age and

locked away for the stealing the neigbour's meat.

He almost didn't survive.

Several weeks after the death of his daughter

he commited suicide. ''

 Jolande van Lith


The portrait of the ''little girl'' is getting more and more famous!

The portrait already has been shown in 's-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam,

Nijmegen, New York & Vietnam.

For Art & Trees 2014 a special out-door summer installation is made for

Cemetery Heilige Johannes @ Oisterwijk.

From 15-06 t/m 10-08-2014 the portrait will participate in an exhibition

@ Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo.

Jolande is represented by van Loon Galleries, Vught | House of Arts, London.

An exclusive limited (25) ART Giclée print of the ''little girl''

 is available @ www.art-studio.nl

Signed and numbered by the artist & the master printer

with certificate of authencity.



Jolande van Lith